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Fee Tables

A Fee Table is a fixed rate that will be charged when a room is being used for an event. If you consistently adhere to your fee structure then fee tables may be an ideal solution for you. There are a few things that you will need to do prior to creating fee tables. You will need to establish Charge Types, assign an Organization Type to all Organizations, and assign Area Types to all Rooms.


Here is an example of a fee structure that will work when creating fee tables.


  Organization Type
Area Type Group 1 (Internal) Group 2 (Non-Profit) Group 3 (Profit)
Classroom No Charge $20/Hour


Gym No Charge $30/Hour $40/Hour
Cafeteria No Charge $10/Hour


Field No Charge $10/Hour $20/Hour


*Note: Not all fee structures are optimal for fee tables in Facility Schedule. We highly encourage you to contact the Client Service Center for assistance before creating any fee tables.

How to Set Up Fee Tables

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions Menu.

  • Click on Fee Tables. The following fields are recommended when setting up fee tables:

    • The Fee Table Description title will not be displayed on the invoice, only the charge type description. Using the type of space and the organization type in the description is a great way to name the fee table to make it easier to identify if it needs to be updated at a later time. (Auditorium-Non-Profit, Classroom-Group I, Pool-Group 3, etc.)
    • Select the Organization Type. These need to be associated with each of your organizations.
    • Select the Area Type. These need to be associated with each of your rooms.
    • Indicate if the charge will apply to the Weekend, Weekday, or Select All. If you have different rates for the weekend and weekday, two fee tables will need to be created to differentiate the fee rate.
    • Select the Charge Classification, Charge Type, and enter the Amount.
    • Click Save. Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click on Add to set up additional Fee Tables.


*Note: Do not select anything from the Location, Bldg./Unit, or Room drop down menus when creating the fee table. Do not include line items that are not consistently charged (i.e. Custodial Fee, Lighting Fee) when creating the fee table. They can easily be added as additional line items while creating the invoice.