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Charge Types

A charge type is the line item description of a fee that will appear on an invoice (Room Rental Fee, Custodial Fee, Lighting Fee). Whether you intend to use Fee Tables or Manual Invoicing, you will need to establish charge types first. If you are invoicing manually, charge types are the only items that need to be set up prior to creating the invoice.


       Bright Idea:

You can create as many charge types as you need. It is not necessary to set up charge type descriptions for each room in your account; keeping the titles generic is the best thing to do. The location and room name will populate on the print form of the invoice so the recipient will know which spaces were used for an event.

How to Add Charge Types

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions Menu.

  • Click the Charge Types link. Fill in the following fields on the Charge Type Update screen:

    • The Charge Type Description is the line item description that will appear on the invoice (Room Rental Fee, Custodial Fee, Lighting Fee).

    • The Charge Classification indicates which category the Charge Type Description falls under (Personnel Charge, Facility Use Charge, Equipment Charge). This field cannot be seen by the invoice recipient. Click the Add New Charge Classification link to add new classifications so that they will appear in the drop down menu.

    • Check the box next to Yes, allow MFD users to request this charge type and quantity if you would like the Charge Type Description displayed on the MyFacilityDude requester page. Displaying this will also allow requesters to enter a quantity for the item. This feature works well for displaying descriptions such as microphones, podiums, speakers, etc.

    • Indicate if the charge will apply to the Room or Event and if the charge is a Flat or Hourly rate.

    • Enter the Minimum Hours if applicable.
    • Select a Budget Code if it applies.
    • Click Save to add to your account. Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click on Add to create additional Charge Types.