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Adding Bldg./Units

Bldg./Units are the individual free-standing structures at each of your Locations. You would use Bldg./Units if your organization has multiple campuses with multiple structures at each one. In order to add Bldg./Units into your account, you will need to set up Locations first.

How to Add Bldg./Units

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions Menu.
  • Click the Bldg./Unit link.
  • Select the appropriate Location from the drop down box.
  • Enter the Bldg./Unit Name.
  • Enter the Square Footage and Number of Occupants for this bldg./unit. This information is not required and can be added at any time.
  • Click Save.


How to View Bldg./Units

  • Click the List link under the Actions Menu.
  • Click the Bldg./Unit link.


The Bldg./Unit list is automatically populated if other Dude Solutions applications are in use by your organization. Bldg./Units with a yellow thumbs-up () are active and ready for use within the application. Bldg./Units with a gray thumbs-down () are inactive in the account and unavailable for use in the application. To activate a Bldg./Unit, click on the icon.