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Entering a Recurring Schedule

A Recurring schedule is used for an event that takes places on a regular basis (Example: every Monday and Wednesday from October through December). These events will also be in the same location/room at the same time of day. You can enter up to a maximum of 100 dates on a recurring schedule.

How to Enter a Recurring Schedule

  • Click on the New Schedule tab and click the Recurring Schedule icon.
  • The schedule Status will default to Submitted for a new schedule. You can enter a schedule in the Approved status by selecting Approved from the drop down box. This will check the Notify Booked By and Notify Contact Person boxes. If you do not want these email notifications to go out, uncheck the boxes.
  • Enter the Event Title.
  • Select the Location and Room(s) you would like to reserve for your event.
  • Enter the Start Time and End Time, making sure to select AM or PM in the drop down boxes.
  • If the Setup Begin and Breakdown End Time are different from the Start and End time, select those times next.
  • Do not change the Duration or Spans over fields. These will calculate for you. *Note: Spans over should be left as 1 day unless you are requesting an overnight event.
  • Enter the Start Recurrence date.
  • Choose your Recurrence Pattern.
    • Select Daily if your event will occur every day between the start and end dates.
    • If you choose Weekly, you can select if the event occurs every week, every 2 weeks, etc. Then put a check mark next to the days of the week that the event will occur.
    • If you choose Monthly, you can select the day of the month (for example, the 15th day of every 1 month) or you can choose the weekday of the month (for example, the second Monday of every 1 month).
  • Enter the End Recurrence date.
  • You can click on the Check Availability button to make sure that you are not double booking a room.


Additional Information

This section will appear if you are using the Questions feature in Facility Schedule. These questions may or may not be required depending on how they are set up in the system.

Organization Information

  • Select the Organization requesting the facility from the drop down menu or you may be able to enter a new organization in the box below the drop down.
  • If contacts have been added to the Organization, you will see them listed in the Contact Name drop down box. If the contact name is not in the list, you can add the contact by filling in their name and contact information in the boxes.
  • Type the Billing Address or check the box to use the Organization's billing address.
  • If you are invoicing in Facility Schedule, select the user in charge of creating the invoices in the Responsible for Billing. This will put the schedule on their home page under the Waiting to be Invoiced heading.

Insurance Information

Any insurance policy information that you have entered for the organization auto-populates in this section on the request form. If no information has been entered yet, you can fill it in here and check the box to Update organization record with the above insurance information. Insurance information is not required for your organizations. If you do track policies and the coverage expires for an organization, the system will let you know on your home page and when you select the organization on a schedule request.


The Services feature will only be used by those who also own FS Automation.

Setup Requirements

Activated Maintenance Services can be selected in this section. Check the box next to the requested service and enter a description in the box to let the service providers know what setup requirements are needed for this event.


Rental Requests

If you are creating a brand new schedule, this section will not show any available Rental Requests to start. Once you save your schedule, you can come back to this section and click the Add Rental Request link on the right side of the screen to see a list of charge types that you can add to the schedule. Select the charge type from the list, enter the quantity, and write a rental description. Click Submit to save. Only Charge Types that you have allowed to be requested by MyFacilityDude users will show in the list.

Additional Fields

  • Enter Number Attending. You can also break this number into number of adults and number of children.
  • Enter any Other Needs.
  • The Booked By section will be automatically filled in with your information.
  • If you are Activating the schedule at the same time that you enter it, you can select that option before saving. If the schedule needs to go through an approval process before activation, leave the schedule state as Inactive. *Note: Only the final person in the approval process should activate the schedule.


Click Save at the bottom of the screen to submit the schedule request.