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Adding Organization Event Coordinators

The Organization Event Coordinator (OEC) role is able to submit facility requests through your Community Schedule page. You can allow organization contacts to register online for approval or you can add these users ahead of time.

How to Add New OECs

  • On your Facility Schedule home page, click on any link under the Community Users section.



  • Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click on Add.
  • If the person you wish to add is an existing Organization Contact their name will be listed in the drop down box, select their name and click on Add This Contact.
  • If you need to add a new OEC that isn't an Organization Contact, click on the New OEC button.
  • Fill out all required fields indicated with an orange line and click Save.



  • You can associate the OEC with as many Organizations as you wish. The OEC can only submit requests for the Organizations for which they have been authorized, so it is important that they be associated with at least one. Select the Organization from the drop down box and click Add.


Approving a New OEC Request

  • On the Facility Schedule home page, click on the number next to Awaiting Approval under the Community Users section.
  • If you have multiple OEC requests, you can select the one you want to approve from the Waiting your approval drop down list.
  • You can view the information the user provided in their request, including their Requested Organization(s).
  • You will need to select an existing Organization in the account that matches the one requested by the user from the Assigned Organization drop down.
  • If the organization is not already listed in Facility Schedule, you can add it by clicking on the Add Organization to Facility Schedule link.
  • Select Approve or Decline. If you decline the request, you can enter a reason by clicking on the Decline Reason button.
  • Click Save.


       Bright Idea:

If you need to contact an OEC to provide documentation or let them know they have been added, you can scroll over the Shortcuts menu and click on List. Click on their email address to open your default email manager program where you can then send them any updated information or documentation.