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Organization Event Calendar

You can enter holidays, building closures, etc. on the Organization Event Calendar. The system will look at these Organization Events when it checks for conflicts on new schedule requests, so you will see a conflict message if a user enters a request for the same day as an Organization Event. These events show in a list on the Organization Event page and also on the regular event calendar views.

How to Add an Organization Event

  • Click on the Calendar tab.
  • Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click Organization Event Calendar.
  • You will need to create Calendar Event Types before you can add these events to the calendar. Click Add New Event Type. Type the name of the event (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day, etc.) and click Save.
  • Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu on this page and click Add to enter more types, List to view your current list of event types, or click Organization Calendar to go back to the Organization Event Calendar to enter the event dates.
  • If the event you are creating applies to only one of your locations, select it from the Location drop down box.
  • If the event applies to all locations, check the box to Create for All Locations.
  • Enter the Begin and End Dates for this event. If it is just one day, enter the same date for the begin and end date.
  • Select the Calendar Event Type from the drop down box.
  • Click Submit to save.



The Events will show in a list at the bottom of the page. You can delete an event, by clicking on the red X (). On the regular calendar, the Organization Event Titles will appear in bold lettering on the appropriate dates. Clicking on the title will take you back to the Organization Event Calendar.