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Activating Maintenance Service Crafts

Maintenance Services can be selected on a schedule when services are needed for an event (Custodial, Security, Event Setup/Breakdown, etc.). If selected, a Service Provider will receive a task email notification letting them know what needs to be done for that event.

How to Activate Maintenance Service Crafts

  • Click on the Maintenance Services link under the Information & Analysis section located on the right side of the home page.
  • This brings you to a list of the available Crafts with a gray thumbs-down beside each one. To activate a Craft, click on the thumbs-down icon (). It will change to the yellow thumbs-up () icon and your Craft will be activated. *Note: Only select Crafts that will be needed for facility usage.


       Bright Idea:

It is always best to keep the list short at first, this will make it less confusing for requesters. You can always activate more services crafts at a later time. Also, if you are using Work Order make sure that you activate the same crafts in Work Order. If a craft has been activated in Facility Schedule and has not been activated in Work Order, the work order will not have a craft assignment when it is created.

How to Set Up Maintenance Service Provider Support

After you have activated Maintenance Service crafts you can add routing rules to automatically send notifications of specific service requests to certain service providers. For example, a task notification for an Event Setup request at the High School could be sent directly to the head custodian at that location.

Maintenance Service Provider Support

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click on Setup Maintenance Service Provider Support.
  • Under the Add New section, select the maintenance service from the Craft drop down menu. *Note: You must activate Maintenance Services for your account, before setting up the service provider support routing.
  • Select the Location. You can also select the Bldg./Unit if you are using this field in your account.
  • Select the Assigned To name.
  • Click Add New to save.



       Bright Idea:

You cannot assign one craft to two different people. The system will not know who to send the notification to. Please contact the Client Services Team if you have a unique situation so that we can offer recommendations.


  • To edit a service provider support route, click the Edit button to the left of the route.
  • To delete a service provider support route, click the red X to the right of the route.