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How to Process a Request

Once a schedule request is entered by a Requester or Community User, it follows the Automatic Approval Routing to take it through the approval process. When a request is assigned to you for approval, it will show up on your FSDirect home page under the Waiting Your Approval section. You may also receive an email notification that you have a request waiting to be processed.

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How to Process a Schedule Request

  • Log directly into FSDirect and click on the number displayed under Waiting Your Approval on your home page. You can also access the processing screen by clicking on the link provided in the email notification, which (after logging into the system) will take you directly to the Approve Schedule Request screen.
  • Select the Schedule title from the drop down menu.
  • Choose the appropriate option to process the request: Approved, Cancel, Decline, or Duplicate, and click Save.
  • You may see a Conflicts Exist warning on the approval page or on the Schedule itself. See How to Resolve Conflicts for more information.

Approving a Request

  • Select the Approved option.
  • You can add a note with any additional information by clicking the Approval Note button. This is internal information that will display on the schedule under the Approval Process section. Click Submit to save your note.

  • Click Save to update the schedule.



       Bright Idea:

From the schedule form, quickly access other schedules that need approval by hovering your mouse over the Related Links button, and then clicking on Process New. This will take you to the Approve Schedule Requests screen, where you can select another request to approve.

Declining a Request

  • Select the Decline option.
  • You can add a note explaining the reason for declining the schedule by clicking the Decline Reason button. The Decline Reason can be sent to the Booked By person and Organization Contact on the schedule. (You can uncheck the boxes next to Notify Booked By and/or Notify Contact Person to prevent the email from generating.) Click Submit to save your note.
  • Click Save to update the schedule.