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How to Submit a Schedule Request

       Bright Idea:

If you need to check the calendar before submitting your requests, click on the link below once you are logged in. It will take you right to the Month View calendar. The calendar may not display any events at first. Select an option from the Location drop down menu, then click Refresh Calendar. You can also filter your calendar view according to Room, Organizations, etc.

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Click on the Schedule Request tab. Select one of the three schedules types:
    • Normal ScheduleMost commonly used. Up to 20 event dates can be selected. This schedule is used when all event dates will share the same time and room(s).
    • Recurring Schedule: Up to 100 events can be added. This schedule is used for events that follow a pattern (ie, every Monday and Wednesday for a semester or the third Friday of the month for the entire year). All event dates will share the same time and room(s).
    • Irregular Schedule: Up to 20 event dates can be selected. This schedule type can be used when each event will take place in a different room and/or a different time slot than the other event dates on the schedule. For example: the Boy Scouts will use the Gym on January 1st from 9am - 12pm and their next meeting will take place on January 31st in Room 200 from 1pm - 2pm.



  • When entering a schedule, any field with a red checkmark () beside it is a required field. The system will not save your request if the information is not filled out.



*Note: If you have multiple schedule requests to enter at one time, you can use the Renew feature to save you time. Once you have submitted the first request, scroll to the top of the screen and click on Renew Schedule. This feature acts as a copy button and will copy all the information, except for event dates, from the schedule that you just submitted into a new schedule request form. Because it is a new schedule, you will be able to update any of the necessary fields and add the new event dates. If you do not click Renew or start on a brand new form, you will overwrite your original request.