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Updating Insurance

FSDirect allows you to track insurance for your organizations. When insurance has expired, you will see the information displayed in the Expired Policies section of the home page. It will also indicate that the insurance has expired on the schedule request form once that organization has been selected.


       Bright Idea:

Tracking insurance helps minimize risk. It also takes the liability off of your shoulders if any type of accident were to occur while your facilities are in use.

How to Update Insurance

You can update insurance information from a couple of places within the application. *Note: When updating insurance, be mindful that the updated information will only display for events entered into the system from that date forward. If you look at the calendar or on a schedule that was entered into the system before the update, it will still reflect the old coverage information.

Updating Insurance from the Home Page

To the right side of the home page you will see the Expired Policies section. This contains any organization whose insurance has expired.


  • Click on the Organization name displayed in red.
  • Update the boxes beside Coverage Date.
  • Click Next Step to save.

Updating Insurance on a Schedule

When you are entering or approving a schedule, you will see that the insurance information has expired in the Insurance Information section.


  • Update the boxes beside Coverage Dates.
  • Leave the box checked next to Yes, update organization record with above insurance information.
  • Once you Save the schedule the insurance will be updated.