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Organization Event Calendar

The Organization Event Calendar allows you to add events that take place for an entire Location or across your entire organization. Examples included: Graduation, Spring Break, Teacher Workday, Thanksgiving Holiday. These events will display on the event calendar and will also show a conflict for any schedule request entered for those dates. *Note: Only Administrators can add items to the Organization Event Calendar.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

How to Create a Calendar Event Type

The first step when adding an organization event is to create the Event Type.

  • Click the Add link from the Actions menu.
  • Click on Calendar Event Types.
  • Enter the name of the event for the Title (Graduation, Memorial Day, Winter Break, etc.).
  • Click the Submit button.
  • If you would like to enter another event type, hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu, and then click Add.
  • Once all event types have been added, hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and then click on School Year Calendar to begin adding the events to the calendar.

How to Add the Organization Event to the Calendar

Once the event type(s) have been created, you can add the Organization Event to the calendar. You can choose to create an event for a single Location or for ALL Locations.

  • Click on the Calendar tab.
  • Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click Organization Event Calendar.
  • If the event you are creating applies to only one of your locations, select it from the Location drop down box.
  • If the event applies to all locations, check the box to Create for All Locations and do not select a location in the Location drop down.
  • Enter the Begin and End Dates for this event. If it is just one day, enter the same date for the begin and end date.
  • Select the Event Title from the drop down box.
  • Click Submit to save.



The Events will show in a list at the bottom of the page. You can delete an event by clicking on the red X (). On the regular calendar, the Organization Event Titles will appear in bold lettering on the appropriate dates. Clicking on the title will take you back to the Organization Event Calendar.