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This section allows you to store frequently referenced documents. Some examples may include room layouts, fee structures, or any internal policy that you want to share with an internal or external requester. Storing a document in this section allows you to access and email it to someone when logged into FSDirect. The Administrator and Site Administrator roles have access to edit the Documents tab and Community Users have view only access to the Documents tab.

How to Add a Document

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions Menu.

  • Click on the Documents link. Fill in the following fields on the Document Attachment screen:

    • Enter the Title or name of the document.

    • Enter a Description if needed.
    • Create a Hyperlink name. This can be the same as the Title.

    • Click on Choose File and locate the document on your computer.

    • Once you have selected the document, click on Upload Now.
    • You will have the option to Add another document or go Back to the listing of documents.

  • To view a stored document, click on the Documents tab and click on the Title of the document.
  • To delete a document from the list, click on the red X () to the left of the document title.

Documents in CommunityUse

If your organization owns CommunityUse, the documents you add to FSDirect can be made visible to your external Community Users on their Documents tab. However, certain documents can also be hidden from external requesters. Once a document has been uploaded:


  • Click on the Documents tab.
  • Click on the Description name.
  • Check the box next to Check here to show this Document in CommunityUse to make it available in CommunityUse. Uncheck the box to hide the document.
  • Click on Update.