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ConnectArbiter is a product that integrates FSDirect with ArbiterGame. Home games and practices entered into ArbiterGame are automatically pushed to FSDirect as submitted schedules, eliminating the need for double entry. *Note: This feature must be purchased separately from FSDirect. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Logging into ConnectArbiter

  • Open your web browser and type into the address bar and hit the Enter key. Bookmark this page or create a shortcut on your desktop to make it easy to come back to this page later.
  • On the Account Login screen, enter your Login Name and your Password.
  • Make sure that ConnectArbiter is selected in the Go To box.
  • Click Sign In.
  • If you have forgotten your login information, click the Forgot Password? link under the Sign In button. Enter your email address and click Submit. We will send you an email with instructions to reset your password.

Setting Up ConnectArbiter

Adding Users

Users in ConnectArbiter should be limited to only the people who need to be involved in the setup and management of the integration, and should already be Administrators in FSDirect. *Note: Users who only need to submit games to ArbiterGame that will get pushed over to FSDirect do not need to be listed as a user in ConnectArbiter. However, they do need to be a user in FSDirect.

  • Click on Account Setup.
  • Click on Users.
  • Click +Add New Item.
  • Select the user's name from the drop down menu of Registered Users. *Note: If the user is not in this list, that means they do not yet have access to FSDirect. Add them as an Administrator to FSDirect before continuing. For more information about how to add a user to FSDirect, see Adding Users.
  • Click Add This User.
  • Select from one of two user roles:
    • Administrators, like in FSDirect, can see and do all in the account, including add users. They have the ability to manage the ConnectArbiter setup for both FSDirect and TripDirect, if applicable. To see more information about ConnectArbiter's integration with TripDirect, click here.
    • Facility Managers focus on the ConnectArbiter integration with FSDirect. They can turn Locations and Rooms on or off, and change the default organization. They cannot add users to ConnectArbiter.
  • After you have selected the appropriate user role, click Next Step.
  • On the Update User Information screen, the user's login name, password, and contact information will automatically be pulled from the information in their existing Dude Solutions account. The rest of the fields on this page are not required and can be added at any time.

  • Click Save.

Activating Locations and Rooms

  • From the ConnectArbiter Home Page, click on Facility Locations. This will list any Locations that are active in FSDirect, shown with a gray thumbs-down icon.
  • Click on the gray thumbs-down icon () to turn it into a yellow thumbs-up (). This will activate the Location in ConnectArbiter. *Note: You only need to activate Locations that will be used in ArbiterGame.
  • Hover over the Shortcuts menu and click Facility Use Rooms. This will list any Rooms that are marked "available for use" in FSDirect, shown with a gray thumbs-down icon.
  • Click on the gray thumbs-down icon () to turn it into a yellow thumbs-up (). This will activate the Room in ConnectArbiter. *Note: You only need to activate Rooms that will be used in ArbiterGame.


       Bright Idea:

Don't worry if your Locations and Rooms are listed differently in ArbiterGame. Once your integration is fully functional, you'll have the opportunity in ArbiterGame to map your FSDirect Locations and Rooms to your ArbiterGame Sites and Subsites. This allows the two programs to speak to each other effectively.

Default Organization

The Default Organization is the Organization that will populate on all FSDirect schedules that are automatically generated from a game being entered into ArbiterGame.

  • From the Home Page, click on Facility Use Organizations.
  • Select the Organization you would like from the drop-down menu. *Note: Since ArbiterGame can cover a wide range of sports, it is best practice to select "Athletics" as the default organization. If that is not an option in your list, you will need to add it to FSDirect first.
  • Click Save.


Once you have finished your ConnectArbiter setup, contact the Client Services Center for next steps in setting up the integration.