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Budget Codes

Budget Codes are designed as a way to keep track of the budget accounts for your organization. In FSDirect, they are mainly used with the invoicing tool. When you post a payment on an invoice, you can associate that received payment with a specific budget code. You are then able to report on this information in the future.

How to Add Budget Codes

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions Menu.
  • Click the Budgets link.
  • Enter the Budget Code name and Description.
  • The Fiscal Year Budget Monies field is optional. If a dollar amount is entered, and if invoice payments are associated with that budget code, you can track the Budget Amount Remaining on this screen.
  • The Notes box is optional and is used only for documentation.
  • Click Submit.


How to View and Activate Budget Codes

  • Click the List link under the Actions Menu.
  • Click the Budgets link.


The Budget Code list is automatically populated if other Dude Solutions applications are in use by your organization. Budget Codes with a yellow thumbs-up () are active and ready for use within the application. Budget Codes with a gray thumbs-down () are inactive and will be unavailable for use until they are activated.


  • To activate a Budget Code, click on the thumbs-down icon.