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The Events tab shows the next two weeks of FSAutomation events. By default, events are sorted by start date, but can be resorted by clicking on the sort button () next to the column headers. Use the Location and Status drop downs to filter the events by the location of the event and/or the status of the event.

Event Details


  • Status - Displays the current status of an Event. The status of an event can be future, active, and past.
  • Location - Lists the location of the event.
  • Schedule ID - Click here to go to the schedule details page in FSDirect.
  • Area - Will list the area of the event if included on the FSDirect schedule.
  • Building - Will list the building of the event if included on the FSDirect schedule.
  • Room - Shows the room in which the event is taking place.
  • State - This will show whether or not there is an error with the event. If there is an error with an event, click Error to see the type of error. Common error types are listed below. For help with an error please contact Dude Solutions support at 1-866-868-3833 or email us at
    • 202: Successful batch update

    • 500: Parameter invalid for locationId

    • 501: Unable to locate schedule for locationId

    • 502: Duplicate event EK(eventKey) for locationId

    • 503: Unable to remove locationId

    • 507: Occupancy processing disabled for locationld

  • Start - Displays the event's begin time.
  • End - Displays the event's end time.
  • Delete - Click the red x to cancel the automation associated with this event.