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Removing a Group Member

Group members can be easily added to, or removed from, a user-created group.


*Note: Group members can only be added or removed from user-created groups (yellow folders in UtilityTrac Plus). Auto-Groups (blue folders) are automatically created and maintained by UtilityTrac Plus.

To Remove a Group Member:

  • Navigate to Groups & Benchmarking from the Main Menu.
  • Click to select the desired Place Group.
  • In the benchmarking bar chart, click the numbered link text corresponding to the group member to be removed. The view will change to the meter or place display in Buildings & Meters.



  • Click the General PowerView tab to display general properties for the group member, including the groups to which the member belongs.
  • Click the "Remove" icon preceding the Group name in the Groups list.

  • When prompted, click Yes to confirm removal, or No to exit without removing. If Yes, the member will be removed from the group.


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