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Excluding Members from Benchmarking

Occasionally it may be desirable to exclude a member or members from the benchmarking charts. Excluding a member prevents display of the member data in the bar chart, and adjusts the median/average vertical line accordingly.


Excluding a member may be desirable when its values are insignificant for benchmarking purposes for reasons such as:

  • The member has very little cost associated with it. It is not worth the energy manager's time or effort.
  • The member has unique characteristics that exclude it from consideration for benchmarking.
  • The member has valid issues but these are already being addressed.
  • A report including the member in the group display would reduce the value of the report.


A group member can be excluded from any group (user-created AND Auto-Groups). An excluded member is not removed from the group. Its data is simply not displayed in the associated benchmarking charts.

To Exclude a Group Member from Benchmarking Charts:

  • Navigate to Groups & Benchmarking from the Main Menu.
  • Click to select the desired Place Group.
  • Click one of the chart display tabs (Cost/Area Rank, Use Rank, etc.). The benchmarking chart will be displayed.
  • Locate the group member to be excluded and 'mouse over' the numbered member name in the chart. A red "exclude" symbol will appear to the left of the member name.
  • Click the exclude symbol.



The member will be removed from the chart.


*IMPORTANT NOTE: Excluded members are not removed from the group, and can be 're-included' at any time by clicking the General tab, then clicking the "re-include" checkbox for the group member, and then clicking the Re-include Member in Benchmarking Charts button: