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Creating a Utility Bill Account

Before you can enter any bills, an account and its related meter need to be created in EnergyCAP. This is done at the same time using the Account/Meter Wizard.


*Note: Before setting up an account, obtain a copy of a typical bill from the account vendor. The bill will provide information necessary for setting up the account.

To Add an Account and its Meter(s)

  • Click on Accounts from the Main Menu.
  • From Accounts, click the add button at the bottom left of the tree.
  • The Account/Meter wizard will start, leading you through the setup process. There are extensive Helps throughout the wizard.
  • EnergyCAP uses the vendor and rate code assignments to set up automatic benchmark groups in Groups & Benchmarking. These are extremely useful in spotting abnormal buildings, meters, and bills.
  • Upon completing the Account/Meter wizard, you can now enter a utility bill. There are two options for starting this process:
    • Go to Bill Processing and use the "Enter Bills" option. This is the quickest way to add multiple bills for one or more accounts.



    • In Accounts, go to the Bills tab for the account you just created and click the "+ Add Bill" button. The bill entry window will open, populated with this account number, and allow you to enter one bill at a time.