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Energy Use Intensity

The Energy Use Intensity is a useful indicator of long-term energy efficiency trends.


The Energy Use Intensity, or EUI, is a very useful indicator of long-term energy efficiency trends. The ENERGY STAR website defines EUI as “a unit of measurement that describes a building’s energy use. EUI represents the energy consumed by a building relative to its size. A building’s EUI is calculated by taking the total energy consumed in one year (measured in kBtu) and dividing it by the total floorspace of the building.”


UtilityTrac Plus uses weather-normalized energy usage to calculate annualized EUI and displays it on a chart. The rolling 12-month average EUI is shown with the blue dots, which in this example indicates continuous improvement in overall EUI.


Not only is EUI shown for each individual building, but it is also rolled up at every node of the Buildings & Meters tree. This gives you a valuable picture of long-term energy efficiency trends for each department, division, region, business unit, etc., as well as for the entire organization.