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Selecting a Bill Entry Template

There are two ways to select a Bill Entry Template for an Account's meter.


The first, and most common way, is when the account/meter is created (see Creating a Utility Bill Account). The template selection is part of the normal Account/Meter Wizard process. Based on user responses, a template is selected which most closely matches the desired bill line items to be tracked. The selected template is then associated with the new meter, and is displayed along with the other meter properties under the Properties tab.


Once the template has been assigned for the meter, a new template can be assigned at any time. This should only be done if the vendor or billing statement changes significantly.


Here's how to select a Bill Entry Template for an existing meter:

  • Since the bill entry template is associated with the meter being tracked, navigate to the desired meter in the Buildings and Meters tree. Then click to highlight the desired meter. (It is also possible to select the desired meter by clicking the meter hyperlink from the Account Properties tab.)
  • Click the Meter Properties tab for the meter. The template(s) associated with the meter are listed.
  • Click the Add Template button. The Add Template wizard will open.
  • If necessary, choose the desired line items/rate details for the account/meter. Then click Continue.
  • From the Template Selection window, select the Begin Date (the date that the template will become effective); then click the radio button corresponding to the preferred template selection option:
    • Standard: The simplest template option-used for tracking a minimum amount of information.
    • Advanced: A more complex bill entry template with options for tracking additional utility bill information.
    • Pick a Template...: Allows the user to select the desired template from the complete list of templates for that commodity.
  • If the Standard or Advanced Templates option has been selected, click Finish to update the meter with the newest bill entry template. The template will be displayed during bill entry for future bills associated with that meter. If the Pick a Template... option has been selected, click the drop-down arrow to display the list of available bill entry templates for that commodity. Clicking a template from the drop-down list will 'promote' it and display the template in the wizard window. After selecting the desired template, click Finish to complete the template selection process.

Bill Template Naming Conventions

This is an abridged (incomplete) listing of common naming conventions.


FD = An optional template prefix that indicates a second-generation UtilityTrac Plus-defined template, usually including more bill line items than the Standard or Advanced templates.


Following the (optional) prefix is the commodity abbreviated unit of measure (DKTHM, KWH, etc.)


Following the unit of measure is the abbreviated template description:

A - ADVANCED template

S - SIMPLE template


Following may be the demand indicator (electric meters only):

N - NOT tracking demand

Y - YES tracking demand


Following may be the Time-of-Use indicator (electric meters only):

T1 - NOT a time-of-use rate

T2 - Off-Peak and On-Peak rates

T3 - Off-Peak, Mid-Peak and On-Peak rates


Following is the template revision number (1, 2, 3, etc...)