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Add a Meter

All utility bills are tracked under a meter, and every meter must belongs to a utility account. This mandatory structure mimics most utility bills and standardizes reporting and viewing of data. Bills must be tracked under a meter even when no physical meter exists (examples: trash, sewer).


Since every meter must belong to an account, the best way to create a meter is to click on the menu selector, then Accounts, then use the + button in lower left below the Accounts tree.


However, for your convenience, UtilityTrac Plus also allows you to create a new meter from Buildings & Meters. Click on the "+" button at the bottom of the tree.


The Building/Organization Wizard will launch. On the first screen you will be asked which type of node you want to add to your Buildings & Meters tree. Select the third option, "Add a new Meter" to begin the process of adding a new meter to your data.


Remember, every meter in UtilityTrac Plus needs to be associated with a billing account and a vendor. Therefore, setting up the account/meter is usually easiest if you have a current bill in hand to gather the necessary information from it.