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Bills With Problem Flags

You can add one or more Problem Flags to a bill in order to document abnormal circumstances and to serve as a reminder for follow up action. UtilityTrac Plus provides a canned list of problem flags and you can create more of your own.

  • The Bills With Problem Flags feature lists all bills that have active problem flags (flags that have not been set to “fixed” status). Go to Bill Processing, then click Bills With Problem Flags.


  • Use the pencil icon to view/edit a bill.
  • Click on the red problem flag to open the problem flag panel.
  • This is the list of “unfixed” problem flags. When you select an item, you will see any comments in the Comment box.
  • You can enter and edit comments.
  • Click here to set the selected problem flag item to fixed status. It will no longer appear in the Bills With Problem Flags list.



  • Use Copy Data to copy the list to clipboard and spreadsheet.
  • Click on a column heading to sort by that column.
  • Use the pencil icon to view/edit a bill.
  • When you highlight a bill above, the problem flags will appear in the lower panel.
  • Use the pencil icon to edit comments.
  • You can set the status of many bills to “fixed” at once by clicking the checkboxes and then Set Problem Flags to Fixed.


Report BL27 lists bills with problem flags.