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Use vs Weather

The Use vs. Weather charts in UtilityManager indicate if, and how much, weather sensitivity exists for each meter, each year, and each summer/winter season. UtilityManager calculates weather sensitivity by comparing building energy use with known weather data for the time period represented by the utility bills associated with that building.


IMPORTANT NOTE: During organization setup, each building should be assigned a correct postal code (Buildings & Meters > Building Properties) because UtilityManager uses the building location to identify the nearest weather station in order to retrieve the degree day weather data for meters assigned to the building.


The UtilityManager single linear regression approach to calculating weather sensitivity can be visualized as a plot of the utility bills for each calendar year, month-by-month, on a grid with consumption on the vertical axis and weather (as expressed using the “degree days” concept) on the horizontal axis. UtilityManager does this internally via statistical analysis, but it is possible to obtain the same results by plotting the monthly consumption data in a spreadsheet.


The degree days are totaled for each day in each bill’s billing period.