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Add a Building

Buildings are created as part of an organizational hierarchy. The hierarchy includes "nodes" of organization subdivisions (departments, agencies, business units, etc) and individual buildings. To add a new building or organization node:

  • Select Buildings & Meters from the main menu. The Buildings tree will appear in the left pane.
  • Click to highlight the organization node that will include the new building or organization (this is called the parent node). *Note: Organization nodes and building nodes are distinguished by the icon associated with each. Organizations have a double-building icon and buildings have a single-building icon.
  • Click the + button beneath the building tree The Building/Organization Wizard will appear.
  • Select the item to be added (Organization Node, Building, or Meter).
  • Follow the Wizard instructions to complete the setup.


The two types of node icons are:


  • Buildings: A building is a physical structure that has one or more points of utility service such as a building, an outdoor recreation site, or an equipment asset (antenna, sign, street light, etc). All meters in UtilityManager must be attached to a building node.
  • Organization: A node on the Buildings & Meters tree can be organizational in nature to designate a department, agency, campus, site, region or business unit. These nodes are the parents that have buildings assigned under them, and allow you to view and filter data at various rollup levels. A simple portfolio might have no need for organization nodes, while a portfolio that spans various regions of the country might benefit from viewing energy data per region.


Quick Tip: Moving Buildings

UtilityManager provides drag-and-drop functionality for moving buildings and organizations. When moving Building or Organization nodes, note the rules below:

  • Buildings can only contain meters. You cannot create or move another building or organization under a building.
  • Meters must be created underneath a building, not an organization node
  • Buildings must be created underneath an organizational node, even if it's only the one initially created for you that always appears at the top of the tree.
  • Moving a building or organizational node will move all items assigned under that node.