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Reporting in UtilityDirect

Use the bill data entered in UtilityDirect to generate detailed reports and graphs on use and cost by occupant, square foot, and more. Audit and analyze your utility consumption and cost to identify savings opportunities.


Reporting is the main function of UtilityDirect. There are over 40 reports available including Building Reports, Bill Account Reports, Budget Reports, Provider Reports, Submeter Reports, and Weather Reports.

How to Run Reports

  • To access the report criteria screens, click on the Report link in the Actions menu.



  • Then click on the appropriate link for the report you would like to run.



  • This brings you to a report criteria page where you can select the information you want to include in your report. You also have the ability to create additional report criteria to select from when you run various reports. This option allows you to include user defined fields to filter your report results.
  • In Step 1 you can select a different report from the reporting category you originally selected. For example, if you selected a Building Report, such as Use by Building, the Select Report drop down will show you a list of all the other Building Reports available in UtilityDirect.
  • In Step 2, if you are running a Saved Report select it from the drop down list to populate the saved filter selections.
  • Continue to enter the filtering criteria for your report. The more information you select, the more narrow and specific your returned results will be.
  • If you need to highlight more than one item in a selection box, click on your first item and then hold down your Ctrl key when selecting the others.
  • Choose a Report Format, usually PDF or Excel Spreadsheet.
  • Click Print at the bottom of the page to view a print preview of your report. You can then send it to your printer.
  • If you would like to save this report as a Saved Action, you can enter a Saved Report Title and click Print & Save to make it available on the Saved Action screen.


       Bright Idea:

All of the reports in UtilityDirect offer valuable information on your utility usage and costs. A few of the more popular reports are the Global Building Use and Cost Summary Reports, Global Building Use/Cost by Utility Report, and the Missing Bill Report.

The Global Building Use and Cost Summary Reports are two different reports that are great for comparing the total usage or the total costs of your buildings by month for each utility type tracked in UtilityDirect. These reports allow you to compare multiple years to one another which is excellent for spotting any alarming usage or costs variances.

The Global Building Use/Cost by Utility Report is another great report option which provides a breakdown of buildings by the total use and cost for each utility type tracked. It's a great report to help you see the big picture!

The Missing Bill Report is an excellent tool for double-checking your data entry. It will show you if you have any missing bills in your data. This would be a great report to set up as a saved action to generate routinely.