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UtilityDirect Verification

Before setting up ConserveDirect, there are a few things you need to verify in UtilityDirect to ensure the correct information is sent to Energy Star. You will need to log into UtilityDirect to check the required Building information, the Utility Types that will come into ConserveDirect, and that you have continuous billing data for at least the last 12 months.

Required Building Information

  • In UtilityDirect, click on the List link in the Actions menu.
  • Click Buildings.
  • Click on the name of a Building that you want to bring over to ConserveDirect. *Note: Only Buildings larger than 5,000 square feet can be considered for an Energy Star rating.
  • Verify that all of the Building information is correct, especially Date Built and Square Footage as these are key components in determining an Energy Star rating.
  • Continue to verify this information for all Buildings that you want to bring over to ConserveDirect.


Energy Utility Types

The following Utility Types are the only ones that are converted to KBTU and used to calculate Energy Star ratings. Other Utility Types such as Water, Sewer, Telephone, or Trash are not factors in Energy Star ratings because they are not units of energy. Make sure you have the correct Unit of Measure associated with these Utility Types on your Bill Accounts.


12 Months of Billing Data

SchoolDude sends all of your energy billing data to Energy Star. The data from the most recent 12 months is used to determine a Building's Energy Star rating. In UtilityDirect, double check that 12 consecutive months of data has been entered for all energy related Bill Accounts that will be sent to Energy Star.


Check for:

  • Gaps in Billing Dates - Bill Start and End Dates cannot have a gap of more than one day.
  • Overlaps in Billing Dates - Bill Start and End Dates cannot overlap by more than one day.
  • Missing Bills - Fill in any missing monthly bill data. *Note: For quarterly bills or months when no service is needed, it is acceptable to leave the cost and use values as zero, but you must still enter a Bill Start and End Date for the month.


Below are the two acceptable options for entering the Bill Start and End Dates:



       Bright Idea:

When sending bill data to Energy Star, you must have data included for the entire month to get a rating back for that month. For example, the billing dates on one of your energy bills runs from 5/20 through 6/20. If that is the last bill sent, you will get a rating for May but not for June. In order to get a rating for the month of June, you will need to include the bill data that runs through the end of that month.