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Energy Programs and Goals

In ConserveDirect, you can set individual goals for energy conservation and group them together as Energy Programs. Monitor your progress as you complete your goals.

Setting Up Programs & Goals

  • Click on the Add link in the Actions menu.
  • Click Add New Energy Program.
  • Enter a Name for this Program.
  • Click Save.
  • Now that the Program has been created, you can start adding Goals. Click on the Add New Item link.


There are 3 types of Goals that you can add to your Energy Programs:

  • A Location Goal would be for the entire school or district.
  • A Building Goal would be for an individual Building.
  • An Account Goal would focus on one particular utility account.


Once you have selected the type of Goal, you can select whether you want to monitor:

  • Reducing your Greenhouse Gas emissions
  • Raising your Energy Star Rating
  • Reducing your Usage


  • On the next screen, choose to either set a specific date to reach your goal or a total goal that you want to achieve.



  • Enter the specific details of the goal that you are setting and click Save. If you would like to create more goals for this program, click Save and New and repeat the process.


Viewing Progress of Programs and Goals

  • Click on Energy Programs under the Information & Analysis section of the home page to view a list of your Energy Programs and their percent completion.
  • Click on the Energy Program Name to view the goals associated with this program, check the status, and report on the progress.
  • Energy Programs that are associated with Buildings will also show on the Building Dashboard screen. Click on the Buildings link under Information & Analysis and click on the Building Name to view these graphs.