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Building Spaces & Bill Accounts

Setting up Building Spaces in ConserveDirect is required in order to get an Energy Star rating. A minimum of one Building Space per Building is all that is needed. You must also activate the energy Bill Accounts that you want to send to Energy Star.


  • Click on Buildings under the Information & Analysis section of the home page.
  • Click on the Building to which you would like to add a space.
  • Click Edit next to Primary Building Type and make a selection from the drop down in the window that appears. Click Save Primary Building Type.
  • Click Edit next to Occupancy Percentage and make a selection from the drop down in the window that appears. Click Save Occupancy Percentage.
  • DO NOT click the Send Building Bill Data button yet.

Adding Building Spaces

At least one Building Space must be added to the Building in order to receive a valid Energy Star rating.


  • Scroll down to the Building Spaces section of the Building Dashboard and click Add New Item.
  • Although every field on this page is not required, we highly recommend completing all of the fields to ensure the most accurate Energy Star rating possible.
  • Choose the Space Type that best matches the space. *Note: A mixture of Building Spaces can be used for mixed use buildings. For example, a K-12 campus could have a warehouse space. These could be split into two spaces, K-12 School and Warehouse, so they are broken out when determining the rating for the Building. The "Other" Space Type can only make up 10% of the entire Building.
  • You will want to match the floor area with the overall Building square footage. If you are breaking a building into multiple spaces, make sure you enter the proper square footage for each space so it adds up to the total square footage of the Building.
  • Click Save once you have completed this form.


Activating Bill Accounts

The Bill Accounts associated with this Building will be listed in the Building Bill Accounts section at the bottom of the page.


  • Click on the gray thumbs down () next to each Bill Account that you want to be included. This will turn the icon to a yellow thumbs up () and activate this Bill Account to be sent to Energy Star.