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Budget setup

Energy Manager provides the ability to set up use and cost budgets per facility or for multiple facilities. The budget module is an optional add-on that can be enabled by calling Brightly.

Budget global setup

  1. Under the Organization Setup menu, select Budget Global Setup.
  2. Select how the budget will be allocated by choosing a Level.
    • All Facilities - this option will apply the budget to all facilities in your organization.
    • Facility Group - this option will apply the budget to a Group or Subgroup of facilities if facility grouping was setup in your account.
    • Selected facilities - this option will allow you to choose multiple facilities in your organization by clicking the Selected link that will appear when this option is chosen.
    • Single Facility - this option assigns the budget to a selected facility at your organization.
  3. Check the box next to each service that should be included in the budget.
  4. Choose the Budget year end.
  5. In the Basis for Budget options choose the Selected year(s) ending and # yrs to average to base the budget off an aggregation of the selected number of years worth of data. Or, choose the Previous year’s budget option to carryover budget data from the previous year.
  6. The Adjustments option allows you to adjust a budget by a particular service or vendor. For example, if an energy vendor informs customers rates will increase by 2.4% this year, an adjustment can be entered to easily apply the projected rate to your budget.
  7. Check the Missing only box if you would like to only include facilities/services that do not currently have budget data for the selected budget year.
  8. Click the Preview Budgets button.
  9. In the Budget Preview window, check the box next to any records you would like to create a budget for.
  10. When you have finished selecting records, click the Save button to create the budget(s).

Viewing and editing budgets

  1. Under the Facility Details menu, select Budget Setup.
  2. Select the Facility.
  3. To view a particular budget for the facility, select the Budget year end and the Service.
  4. The budget information, broken down by month, will appear on the page.
  5. If you need to see the basis and adjustments for this particular budget, click the View budget parameters & adjustment factors link.
  6. Make any edits to the Use or Cost data as needed.
  7. Click Save to record your changes.