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Adding a logo to the Energy Manager title bar

You can upload an image to Energy Manager to display your brand in the header at the top of each page. Once the image has been added, a preview will display to allow you to visualize any resizing that may occur to fit the image into the 350x50 pixel area in the header.

How to upload an image to the title bar

  1. Select General Info under Organization Setup in the navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click Choose File and locate the image on your computer's hard drive. A preview of the image will display, showing the format of the image as it will appear on the title bar.


       Bright Idea:

Rectangular images that are 350 x 50 pixels look the best in the space given for the logo. If the image you uploaded looks stretched or skewed, the image will need to be re-sized and uploaded again.



  1. Click Save to finalize any changes you have made.