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Adding vendors

In Energy Manager, vendors are the companies that provide a utility service – like electricity, natural gas, water, refuse, etc.– and then send a bill for the service.


Turning on utility services

The first step in adding a vendor is to turn on the applicable services that your vendors provide. This is accomplished through Organization Setup. To turn on the Utility Services:

  1. Click on Organization Setup, and then click on Utility Services.



  1. On this page, check the services that your vendors provide. This is a preset list, however you can add up to two custom services.
  2. Click Save.

Adding a vendor

  1. Click on Utility Accounts, and then click on Vendors.



  1. Click + Add Vendor.



  1. Enter the Vendor Name. (example = Dude Power)
  2. You have the option of entering a Vendor Number, Description, Website URL, and Billing Address but these are not required fields.
  3. Select the Services that this Vendor supplies. This list of services comes from the Utility Services list activated prior to adding the vendor.
  4. Click Save to add this vendor.