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Adding Vendors

In Energy Manager, vendors are the companies that provide a utility service – like electricity, natural gas, water, refuse, etc.– and then send a bill for the service.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Turning on Utility Services

The first step in adding a Vendor is to turn on the applicable services that your Vendors provide. This is accomplished through Organization Setup. To turn on the Utility Services:

  • Click on Organization Setup, and then click on Utility Services.



  • On this page, check the services that your Vendors provide. This is a preset list, however you can add up to two Custom Services.
  • Click Save.

Adding a Vendor

  • Click on Utility Accounts, and then click on Vendors.



  • Click + Add Vendor.



  • Enter the Vendor Name. (example = Dude Power)
  • You have the option of entering a Vendor Number, Description, Website URL, and Billing Address but these are not required fields.
  • Select the Services that this Vendor supplies. This list of services comes from the Utility Services list activated prior to adding the vendor.
  • Click Save to add this vendor.