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Entering bills in Energy Manager

Before entering bills, you will need to set up Line Item Types in your account.

Entering bills


  1. Click on Billing Data from the navigation menu, then select Utility Bills.
  2. Use the Facility, Vendor, and Account filters listed on the left to search for the Account you would like to enter bills for.
  3. Select the Account from the list.



  1. If the New Utility Bill screen does not automatically appear on the screen, click the Add Bill button.
  2. Enter the Bill date and the Bill amount. These are required fields indicated with 2 red asterisks (**) *Note: Be sure that the Bill Amount only includes the charges for the current bill, and not a balance from past bills.
  3. In the first drop down, select the first Line Item Type that is listed on the bill. *Note: It is a best practice to list items on the bill entry form in the order that they appear on the bill.
  4. Select the Meter that is associated to this line item.
  5. Enter the Start date and End date of the bill.
  6. Enter the applicable Usage and Cost for this line item.
  7. Repeat this process until all line items from the bill have been entered. *Note: When entering costs for line items, the Balance field will automatically adjust and will not allow you to save the bill unless the Balance equals 0.00.
  8. For every subsequent bill that is added for this account, the line items added here will automatically populate for you.
  9. Click Save.