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Capital Forecast KPIs

Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable measurements that show how effectively your organization is achieving key business objectives and compares your performance to peers in your industry. They are commonly used to evaluate the level of success of a particular activity or progress toward a desirable goal. These KPIs report on volume of work, efficiency, and data quality.


This data is updated every month and includes a rolling 12 months worth of data. For example, if you are viewing your KPIs in March 2017, then you will see data from the first of March 2016 through the end of February 2017.



  • To download an image of the graph, click on the download icon ().
  • To expand the graph you are viewing, click on the fullscreen icon ().
  • To export your KPI data into an Excel spreadsheet, click on the Excel icon (). *Note: This will only export the data, not the graphs.

Volume KPIs

Volume KPIs show counts according to different metrics.


Efficiency KPIs

Efficiency KPIs show how well your organization is performing according to specific metrics.


Cost KPIs

Cost KPIs show costs related to your needs and replacement values for Locations and Buildings at your organization.



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