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Room Booking Workflow Enhancements

There are a number of workflow and productivity changes that are being made to the Room Bookings department in TheWorxHub. These changes include the new Timeline Room Booking view, an updated Room Booking Wizard, and a reworked Room Booking Billing tab.


Timeline View for Room Booking Calendar

This brand new view displays each room as a row on your calendar. This view of the calendar makes it easier to navigate and schedule appointments when there is a large number of bookable rooms available. While in Rooms Timeline View, schedule a new booking by clicking the start time and dragging to the end time. Existing appointments can be dragged from left to right on the calendar to adjust the scheduled time. *Note: Once you select the Rooms Timeline View, TheWorxHub will remember this setting for the next time you use the calendar and load this view by default.


Room Booking Wizard

All aspects of creating a new room booking have been condensed into a three step wizard that takes the user through Room Booking Info, Room Setup/ Tear Down, and Attendees. This new design also allows recurring room bookings to be created more easily by clicking Add Recurrence Pattern on step one of the wizard.


Room Booking Billing Tab


The workflow of the Room Booking Billing tab has been simplified and improved. When users add catering or other charges to a room booking, they do not have to add the charges again on the billing tab. Instead, the charges will populate automatically based on the options that were selected.


Inventory Enhancements

Improvements have been made to the workflow and user interface for assigning and consuming inventory from a work order. The ability to consume inventory on MobileWorx has been added, along with improvements to the workflow and user interface.


Assigning and Consuming Inventory in TheWorxHub

Now when an inventory item is assigned to a work order, the quantity will default to 1. The quantity assigned to the work order can be edited by clicking the pencil icon.



To quickly consume one inventory item on a work order, click the Consume 1 button. To mark more than one item consumed, click the drop down arrow next to the Consume 1 button and enter the appropriate quantity.


Assigning and Consuming Inventory in MobileWorx

Now when an inventory item is assigned to a work order, the assignment and consumption of inventory items can both be managed within MobileWorx. Similar to the functionality within TheWorxHub, inventory will be assigned with a default quantity of 1. The quantity assigned and quantity consumed can both be edited by tapping the menu icon above the item and entering the new desired values. Tap the plus icon next to an inventory item to incrementally consume the quantity by 1.



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