What's Coming to TheWorxHub

Work Order Cost and Budgeting Enhancements

A brand new Costs panel is being added that will contain a consolidated list of all added costs. Budgets are being added to supplement and help track work order costs more accurately. The Completion Details panel is receiving an overhaul to display key metrics about the work order.

Work Order Costs Panel

Adding staff labor, contracted labor, or inventory transactions to a work order will automatically create a corresponding record under the new Costs panel. Ad hoc costs can also be added as necessary. This will allow you to manage and track all costs on a work order in one dedicated spot!


Work Order Completion Details Panel

The Completion Details panel has been revamped to display key metrics about the work order, as well as time and date stamped status changes that have occurred on the work order. Additionally, important information such as any completion notes and the total amount of time that the work order has been in each status is displayed. Users can view information on this panel at a glance to see the history of the work order.


Budget Settings

The work order Budget Settings page is being added to support the new Costs panel on the work order. On this page you can define your fiscal start date, assign budget values, and set up default budgets.

Define Your Fiscal Start Date

Here, select the date (mm/dd/yyyy) that your Fiscal Year begins. This will be used to help calculate year to date budgets and only needs to be set one time.


Assign Budget Values

In this section, enter the appropriate budget amounts for a particular fiscal year. Budget Codes can be added and edited under the Budget/ Account Code section of the Pick List settings page.


Work Order Cost Budget Defaults

Here, you can establish default budget codes to populate for certain types of costs, such as staff labor or inventory transactions. You can also elect for the specific budget associated with a staff member, contractor, or inventory item to be used if one exists.


Push Notifications for new work requests on Desktop

You will be able to receive windows desktop notifications for TheWorxHub when new work requests are submitted. The option to receive these notifications will be triggered in a popup after a user clicks Accept on a pending work request. *Note: This feature is currently only available for the Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge web browsers.


Edit Barcode Number on the Asset Form

You will now be able to manually edit the barcode number for an asset from the asset form in TheWorxHub.



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