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Release Notes 02.07.2019

Improved functionality of Pick Lists

All single-select pick lists, such as the ones found on the work order form, have been improved and made searchable. Open the pick list and start typing to show relevant options. *Note: This does not apply to multi-select pick lists such as the search and report filters.


Moved Subcategory field to the right of the Category Field

In order to streamline navigation through the work order form using the Tab key on a keyboard, the positions of the Subcategory and Source of Work fields have been swapped. Subcategory is now directly to the right of the Category field, which makes tabbing from Category to Subcategory more convenient.


Option to override auto-population of Requestor field on Request Form

Previously when adding a work request, the Requestor field was automatically populated with the name of the logged in user. In circumstances where many people are using the same generic account, this feature can be disabled by searching for the staff record of the user and checking the This is a generic login used by multiple users checkbox. This will force this user to type their name in the Requestor field on the form.


Edit Inventory Transaction Dates

Now when viewing the inventory panel of the work order form, users can click on any date to update it. As soon as the date is selected, the change is automatically saved within the system. This is especially useful for capturing the work order inventory details after the work has already been completed.


Add a Room Booking Request that bypasses approval

The permission Can Add Room Bookings (No Approval Required) allows users that are room booking managers or activity coordinators to create room bookings that go straight to the Booked status. When filling out the room booking request, users with this permission will now see a checkbox that says Approval Required. Checking this box will cause the room booking to go through the regular approval process. Leaving the box unchecked will cause the room booking to go straight to Booked. Users without this permission can still submit requests, but they will continue to go to the Room Booking Requests dashboard for approval.


View upcoming instances of a Recurring Room Booking

Now when viewing a recurring room booking template, there is a new View Upcoming Bookings link beneath the recurrence pattern. Click this link to display a pop-up window listing the upcoming instances of the room booking.


Work Order Log Panel now indicates if a work order came from Room Booking

When the date approaches for a room booking with setup tasks, those tasks generate work orders. Now the Log panel on the resulting work orders will indicate that they came from a room booking, and when they were generated.


Requestor phone number added to work order API

For partners who are submitting work orders to TheWorxHub from portals or other applications, the requestor phone number can now be passed to our API.



"Description": "Replace light bulb",

"Details": "it's a 18w led",

"RequestedFor": "Mike Jones",

"LocationDescription": "bathroom",


{"ID": "MikeJones", "Phone": "2813308004" }


"PermissionToEnter": true,

"EntryComments": "afternoons",

"Department": "Maintenance"


Search for disabled Work Order Templates

Now on the Templates settings page, users can filter the list of templates to show those that have been disabled. In the Template For pick list, select Undefined, then click the Filter button on the left to limit the list.


New Inventory Permission - Can Assign Inventory to Work Orders

A new permission was added under the POs & Inventory section of User settings called Can Assign Inventory to Work Orders. Any role that Can Add & Search Work Orders will automatically be assigned this new permission, but this can be adjusted for any role. If a user does not have this permission, they will not be able to see the Inventory panel on the work order form.


Fixes & Improvements

  • Users can now use a comma separated list of numbers to filter for multiple surveys on survey reports.
  • Fixed an issue on the Security Rounds page that prevented users from being able to save after round start or end dates were changed.
  • Fixed the wording of options in the Is this incident resolved or cancelled? drop down menu under the Security Incident Outcomes tab.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from printing catering tasks from the Catering tab of the Room Bookings dashboard.

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