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Release Notes 11.22.2018


Residents can now be auto-subscribed to email updates

To access the new email settings, navigate to the Basic Settings section of the Work Order Settings menu.

  • Now there is an option to auto-subscribe for work requests added by residents with log in information to TheWorxHub.

  • Now there is an option to auto-subscribe for work requests or work orders that are in linked to the resident.


Recurring Events are now visible from the Room Booking Dashboard

Now when viewing the Room Booking Dashboard, a line indicating the recurrence is displayed.


Location Deletion Warning Message now lists all items linked to the location

  • Now the message will warn of items linked to the location, such as open Work Orders, Scheduled Work Orders, Templates, Work Requests, Assets, Inventory, Survey/Inspections, Projects, Project Templates, Room Bookings, Security Round Template, and Security Incidents.
  • The warning message can now also be printed.

Added Warning Message when retiring assets

  • Now when retiring assets, there is a warning message that lists all items that the asset is linked to, such as Scheduled Work Orders, Open Work Orders, Triggered by Meters, Templates, Project Templates, Trips, and Events.
  • Assets can be automatically unassigned from all items via the warning message.


Trip Date added to Trip Billings Excel Export

Added the Trip Date field to the Trip Billings export to Excel.

Added new options to Batch Edit Assets Condition Assessment screen

Added options for inflation rate and cycle asset replacement.


Added the Interactive Training Link inside the help drop down menu

Now under the help menu in the header of TheWorxHub, you'll find a link to our help site page for Interactive Training sessions. These trainings cover a variety of topics for many different roles within your organization.


Line breaks are now supported in the requester form message

Now in the Requester Form Message under the Basic Settings section of the Work Order Settings menu, you can include line breaks in your message.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed an issue with some unassigned work orders not being listed in the unassigned tab.
  • Users are no longer assigned to a department multiple times via the Batch Edit Staff screen.
  • Work request log header now displays the latest entry.
  • Assigned labor emails from scheduled work orders are now sent if assigned labor mail settings is set.
  • Logout button is now visible on the Transportation and Security tabs in Mobile Worx.
  • The Trip Category field is now a required field for all trips.
  • Additional costs information on a work order no longer shows for requestors.
  • Fixed an issue with Bulletins full screen mode not closing in one click.
  • Bulletin carriage returns are now displayed properly on Mobile Worx.
  • Fixed an issue with marking bulletins as read or unread on Mobile Worx.
  • Fixed an issue with corrective action photo uploads for Surveys not saving.
    • Photos also flow to work orders once surveys are complete.
  • Driver Calendar now shows driver images when the calendar first loads.
  • Fixed an issue with booking room requests on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue with trip directions being printed out incorrectly.

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