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What's New in Event Manager?

*Note: Please contact Client Services if you experience any issues with the new user interface in Event Manager. We are constantly working to improve the product and would love to hear from you if there are any problems!

Release Notes 04.17.2019

Added a Site Navigation drop down menu

Now, users that have access to multiple sites can switch the site they are logged into by selecting it from a drop down menu in the navigation header of Event Manager.


Added the ability to display events on a certain calendar based on a Site's Locations

Now when a user is setting up site aggregation for events, they have the option to Show all events for locations owned by this site. This allows for all events occurring at locations under a specific site to be pulled into the event aggregation.


Added Schedule ID to Events

Now each event in Event Manager has a unique Schedule ID. The Schedule ID can be used to search or filter when approving events, searching for an invoice, or searching for tasks.


Enhanced Location selection on the Customizable Event Form

Now when selecting a location on the Customizable Event Form, a pop-up window opens where locations can be searched and filtered before being selected for the event.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that prevented events from being successfully Force Approved in bulk by Tenant Administrators.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Event Manager to crash when logging in from the Community Portal.

Archived Release Notes

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