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Enhancements - Version 4.0.8


Use and cost budgets can now be set up for each facility, either individually using the new Budget Setup option under the Facility Details menu, or for multiple facilities at the same time by selecting Budget Global Setup under the Organization Setup menu. Budgets are defined for one year at a time and can be based on a selected historical year, or the previous year’s budget. In addition, you can specify adjustment factors by month for a particular service and/or vendor. To learn more about setting up Budgets, click here. *Note: This is an optional add-on that can be enabled for your account. Contact Dude Solutions if you are interested in using Budgets.



Several new reports have been added to Energy Manager to display budget data and to compare budgets with actual (historical) data. There is a new report category under the Reports & Charts menu called Budget Data and within this section there are five reports: Budget Setup Status, Raw Budget Data, YTD Budget Assessment, Historical Budget vs. Actual (column/line chart), and Facility Budget Comparison (bar chart). To learn more about these reports, click here.


  • Closed accounts: when an account is edited and a date closed is specified, you will now be prompted as to whether you would like the system to automatically close (de-activate) each associated meter as well.
  • Subsidiary accounts: when selecting subsidiary accounts for a master account, the system will now indicate accounts that are inactive by appending “[CLOSED]” to the account number.
  • Funding Source Allocations:
    • When adding a Funding Split to an account, the system will now ensure that you can only select a service that is in use for the current account.
    • When entering funding splits, the program will automatically set a default percent allocation for the second (or third, or fourth, etc.) funding source so that the total equals 100%.


  • When adding a new facility, if a physical address exists, the system will attempt to assign the closest available weather station if one has not already been selected.
  • There is a new optional setting in the program that allows an organization to display the facility number as well as the facility name in dropdown selection lists.


Production Metrics

  • The speed in which production metrics are duplicated from one facility to one or more different facilities has been increased dramatically.


  • Data Completeness by Service: a new optional setting has been added to hide facilities and/or meters where no data exists for all twelve months of the selected year.
  • Weather-related reports: when selecting a weather station to filter the data by, the system will now only show stations that are associated with the your facilities.
  • Utility Bill Gaps: a new checkbox has been added to the criteria to exclude line items where both the usage and cost are zero; when checked, the program may identify additional bills as “missing” even though line items covering the selected date range exist.
  • Facility Ranking reports: you will no longer be limited to a maximum display of 25 facilities on ranking charts; when the new “no max” option is checked, all of your organization’s facilities can be viewed on the same chart (although vertical scrolling may be required to go from top to bottom). This affects the following reports: Facility Ranking Chart, Facility EUI Ranking Chart, Facility Budget Comparison (a new report as of v4.0.8), and the Facility Avoided Use & Cost Ranking graph.
  • Vendor List report: added three new columns:
    • Billing Data Start Date
    • Billing Data End Date
    • Date Span (in years).
  • Natural Gas Analysis report: New! This historical report shows both commodity and transportation data (use, cost, and unit cost) for natural gas bills.
  • Custom Ranking reports: if you have chosen (in the report settings) to show the Facility # along with the Facility Name on ranking reports, the Facility # will appear as expected now in all custom ranking reports.

Utility Bills

  • Account selection: The “** All Facilities **” option will now show as the default, and the accounts shown in the drop down list will include all accounts associated with the facilities that the current user has access to.
  • Previous balance: an optional organization setting has been added to allow a new field called “Previous balance” to be displayed on the bill form (below the Bill Amount field). This field is for information only; it is not tied to any calculations related to the current bill amount or the sum of individual line items.
  • Bill History (on bill form only): when you click the “Bill History” button on the bill form, the table that is displayed will now include a column for “Batch ID” if one or more of the bills in the billing history are associated with a batch.
  • Line item re-arrangement: you will now have the ability to move line items by dragging and dropping them on the bill form.
  • New record prompt: after you save a new bill, you will be prompted to add another. The text of the prompt has been changed so it is clear you will be entering a new bill for the same account. There is also a new organization setting that will set the default button as “no” for new bills.



  • Account Info Box: If your account has this enabled, you will now see the Facility # and Vendor # listed in addition to all of the original account information.
  • Master accounts: If one or more bills were added for an account before it was designated as a Master account, then none of the original bills will have been allocated. The program has been changed now so that you have the option to re-save an existing bill with allocation enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • A bug was fixed on the subsidiary account allocation tab where the complete list of available services were not being shown in order to set the allocation percentages.
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed list of allocation percentages for an account didn’t initially match what was recently edited/saved.
  • Fixed a bug on the Funding Source Breakdown report when the “include unassigned accounts” was selected.
  • Fixed an intermittent column-alignment problem on the batch list screen.

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