What's New in Asset Essentials?

Version 2.29 Deployed on 1.10.19

Security update made to the "Keep me signed in" feature

New! The behavior of the Asset Essentials "Keep me signed in" login functionality has been modified with this release. Previously, checking the "Keep me signed in" checkbox provided an un-expiring application session. After the change, checking the "Keep me signed in" checkbox will provide for a maximum active session of 14 days. At the expiration of the session maximum active time period the session will be expired on both the client and server side and user re-authentication will be required. Persistent sessions present security risks by providing broad opportunities for hijacking by attackers. Establishing a limit on the session provides protection because for an attacker to be able to reuse a valid session ID and hijack the associated session, it must still be active. This change is in line with application session management security best practices as recommended by OWASP and in compliance with NIST 800-63 guidelines for authenticator assurance level 1.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Work orders can now be emailed from Asset Essentials on an iOS tablet when the Send button is clicked.
  • Resolved a potential printing error by removing the ability to modify the Data Source when duplicating a report.
  • When editing a work order with a blank Assigned date/time field, the system will no longer auto-fill the field with the Originated date/time. The field will remain blank until it is manually updated by a user.
  • Resolved multiple printing issues that were causing error messages and slowness.
  • A single Asset can now be deleted from a meter-based PM schedule without the system deleting all Assets on that schedule.
  • Fixed an issue that produced an error when editing the Difference Max of a Meter Title on a meter-based PM schedule.
  • Resolved an Object Reference error when trying to access the map.

  • Resolved an Object Exception error when loading the Arc Online Map.


Archived Release Notes

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