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Setting up Tasks

Before you can begin adding tasks and assigning them to your events and users, you will need to set up Task Types and set a default task reminder.


To begin setting up tasks:

  • Click Settings from the side navigation menu.
  • Click on the Task Management tile under Site Administration.

Task Types

The task type determines what categories of work a new task falls under. You are also able to determine default assignments and notifications based on the task type. There are two kinds of task types, Stock Types and Custom Types.

Stock Task Types

This is a list of predefined task types that are commonly used for facility management. To add a Stock Type for use:

  • Click Add a Stock Type.
  • Select the checkbox next to each Stock Type you want to use.
  • Click Save to finalize the changes.


Custom Task Types

You are able to expand upon the list of stock task types and add other types of tasks. To add a custom type for use:

  • Click Add a Task Type.
  • Enter the name of your custom type.
  • Select a user to automatically assign tasks of this type to. *Note: When you create a task for this type, the selected user will automatically fill in as the assignee on the task.
  • Select a user to be notified whenever a task of this type has been completed or denied.
  • Click Save to finalize your changes.


Default Task Reminder

The Default Reminder allows you to set a timeframe for email notifcations to go out prior to the task being due. The task's assignee will receive this default reminder as an email notification.

  • Click Add a Reminder.
  • Enter the number of days or hours before the task is due for the email notification to go out.

Editing Task Type Settings

Once you have added task types, you are able to further define the settings for those types.

  • Active: Use this toggle to make a task type active or inactive.
  • Default Assignee: Click Not Assigned or the Name of the Default Assignee to select the appropriate user.
  • Edit: Click this button to open the editable options for each task.
    • Automatically assign tasks of this type to: Select a user to have all tasks of this type be assigned to this user by default.
    • Notify this user of status changes for tasks of this type: Select a user to ensure that this user be notified whenever a task of this type has its status changed.
  • Delete: Click this button to remove this from the list of available task types.



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