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Creating a Room Booking Event

Watch the Video Tutorial:

  • Click on the Add button in the top right corner and select Room Booking Request.
  • You will be directed to a Calendar showing all bookable rooms for today.
    • Click the arrows in the top right corner to navigate to a different day.
    • Switch to the Month or Week view by using the buttons on the left.
    • You can also filter the calendar for just the rooms you want to see. Click the Room Filter button and check the boxes next the room(s) you want to see. TheWorxHub will remember this filter the next time you book a room.



  • Click on the desired start time under the room you would like to book and drag down to the desired end time. *Note: If you click and drag to specify the start and end time and the time appearing in the form is incorrect or slightly off, don't worry. When you save the room booking request, you'll be able to manually edit to fine tune your times.
  • Click the Next Step button to open a request form for the selected room, day, and time frame.
    • If you need to change the rooms, date, or time on this form, click Cancel.
  • On the next page, enter the name of the event in the Event Name field.
  • Enter the event details in the Details box.
  • Select the appropriate Booking Category from the drop down.
  • Enter the Requestor Name.
  • Enter the name of the Organizer. The organizer is the primary person to receive email notifications for this event. An organizer can be a staff member or a resident.
  • Depending on the Booking Category you selected, you may have an additional field to select the Activity Dimensions of Wellness. You can select as many as apply to your event.
  • Click the Attach a File? link to attach a document, photo, or other file to this request.
  • Select the names of other staff or residents in the Email Updates field to send them updates on this request.
  • If this event spans over multiple days, you can check the Multi-Day Booking box. This will allow you to select a different end date and will extend your event from the start time on the first date until the end time on the last date.
  • Click the Save Room Booking button to submit your request.



  • Once you have saved the request, don't forget to click Book it! to officially book the event on the calendar.


Room Setup/Tear Down

After a request has been saved, you can add any Room Setup/Tear Down information and reserve equipment for the event.

  • Click on the Room Setup/Tear Down tab.

Reserving Equipment

  • Click Add New Equipment.
  • All available equipment will be listed. Select the item(s) needed and click Done. *Note: Show Unavailable Equipment will display other items that are either booked on other events (indicated with a yellow dot) or out of service (indicated with a red dot).


Adding Room Setup

  • Click Add New Setup Task.
  • Select the Room Setup Task Template that applies to your event.
  • Click Use Selected Template.
  • After choosing the template, customize the Description, Details, or upload Attachments if needed.
  • Click Add Task to continue. This is will automatically add this task to the calendar before the event and the time needed to complete this task will also be reserved.
  • If you need to add multiple setup tasks, determine where in the chain of events they should be done. If you indicate in the Do This Task field that the task should be completed after the previous task is done, the Setup time will be pushed back to accommodate the time needed to complete both tasks. If you select that the task can be done at anytime prior to the event starting, then both tasks will be listed to occur at the same time and the setup window will be booked for the longest setup task.


Adding Room Tear Down

  • Click Add New Tear Down Task.
  • Select the Room Tear Down Task Template that applies to your event.
  • Click Use Selected Template.
  • After choosing the template, customize the Description, Details, or upload Attachments if needed.
  • Click Add Task to continue.



  • Click Add New Catering Event.
  • The Event Date and Must be Ready By fields will automatically populate but can be adjusted as needed.
  • Enter the Description, Detail, and Email Notifcations.
  • Click No Catering Items Added Yet! Click to Add Some! to add catering items.
  • Check the boxes next to any catering items you would like to add to the event and click Add Catering Items.
  • Adjust the Quantity of the items as needed.
  • Click Save Catering.




On your room booking form, the Billing tab lets you define in detail exactly how the event should be billed.

  • Check the Billable checkbox.
  • Define your billing mode as either Per Attendee, Host, or Department.

Per Attendee Mode

This mode is common for some resident activities where there are fees for participation and catering costs. In the Per Attendee mode, all residents on the Attendee tab who were marked as attended will get individual bills.

  • Use the Include Staff checkbox to also create a bill for any staff members who attended.
  • Use the Also Bill Ad-hoc Attendees checkbox to create a bill for family, caregivers, or other ad hoc people who have attended.
  • The Bill Cancelled/No Show Attendees checkbox overrides the default of only creating bills for those who attended. If you want to create a bill for those who cancelled their sign up or for those who just didn't show, use this option. It's typical that you'd have a specific cancellation fee established to charge in these cases.

Host Mode

In this mode, you can choose 1 person who is responsible for the bill. The person must be an attendee. A great example would be if a resident is throwing a surprise party for his wife in the private dining room. He would get charged as the host, and pay any costs for room fees or catering.

  • Select the attendee from the Bill To drop down.
  • Click Add.

Department Mode

Use this mode when the fees are coming out of a specific department budget. For example, catering charging fees to the Maintenance department for providing lunch and refreshments to all staff attending an on-site training session. *Note: When in department mode, TheWorxHub doesn't require attendees on the attendee tab, you can just pick a department and contact on the fly when creating the bill.

  • Select the Department name from the drop down.
  • Select a Staff contact for the department.
  • Click Save.


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