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MaintenanceDirect/PMDirect Integration

PMDirect integrates with MaintenanceDirect by creating preventive maintenance work orders that are tracked and completed from within MaintenanceDirect. The PM Schedules have a link to view the work orders it created, while the PM work orders have a link to take you back to the schedule that created them. Having this Maintenance/PMDirect integration will always allow you to see what work orders have generated from a PM schedule, or what PM schedule is associated with a work order.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Viewing PM Work Order History

  • From PMDirect, click on PM Schedules under the Information Analysis section of your home page.
  • Click on the PM schedule Title for which you want to view the work order history for.
  • Click the Show PM WO's button at the bottom of the PM schedule steps.



  • You will then be taken to the Work Order Summary List page in MaintenanceDirect that displays all PM work orders created from the schedule you have selected.
  • Click on the WOID to view the full work order form.



  • Scroll down to the PM Schedule section to view PM details such as Tasks & Procedures and Equipment that is listed on the schedule.
  • If you need to access the schedule, click on the PM schedule link at the top of this section. This will take you back to the PMDirect module. *Note: Any user with access to PM WOs can see this link, however, only users with access to PMDirect can view and edit the PM schedule.



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