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Asset Essentials

Asset Essentials is a cloud-based software that enables you to assign and track the progress of all maintenance activities, manage equipment uptime and reliability, increase productivity, and streamline operations.*Note: Some features found below are only found in the Enterprise version of Asset Essentials. Those features are marked with (AEE). If you are interested in accessing Asset Essentials Enterprise features, please contact your Implementation Specialist or your Sales Representative.


Table of Contents


Asset Management

User Management

Global Admin Configurations

Work Order Management

PM Management

Parts & POs

Parts and Kits



Advanced Features

Safety Programs - Enterprise Feature

Audit/Inspection Programs - Enterprise Feature

Incidents - Enterprise Feature


Mobile App

User Roles

Connector Tool


Capital Forecast Data Sync


If you are a Bigfoot client that is migrating to Asset Essentials Enterprise, click here for information that will help you have a successful transition.


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