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What's Coming to Event Publisher

Name Change to Event Manager

As of December 11th, Event Publisher is becoming Event Manager, which better reflects the solution's scope and purpose.

Enhancements Coming for Beta Testing

These features will be available soon for beta testing by request. If you are interested in testing these new features, please contact Client Services.

Community Portal and Organizations

Improve the frequency that visitors book your most valuable facilities by utilizing the Community Portal. The Community Portal is the new place for your visitors to view, search, and begin to book the facilities that you want to highlight the most. Visitors that want to use your facilities will now need to register (and be approved) as a member of an Organization in order to be able to book an event at one of your facilities. Organizations represent the various groups that use your facilities.


Learn more about the Community Portal or Organizations.


Task Management

Improve your ability to manage the logistics surrounding your events. Task Management allows you to create, assign, and manage tasks that can be independent or tied to events. Filter and search the task list to stay on top of what needs to be done to make your events in Event Publisher happen.


Learn more about Task Management.


New Customizable Event Form

Improve your end-users’ experience with an event form that is tailored for each of your sites. Include only the form components that are needed, such as custom questions and surveys. Each site in your license can have its own event form, making it easier for Event Publisher to meet the specific needs of your organization.


Click here to learn more about the new Event Form.



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